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Learn the path from product conception, development, testing and analysis, to health optimization.

Molecular Hydrogen

Your health is important to us, and we’ll give you everything you need, to make that happen. Our products are designed to give you up to triple the normal amount of therapeutic hydrogen to the body. More Hydrogen in your water means better heatlh.

Doctor Approved

Because of our science based philosophy, many doctors and scientific specialists support us and our products. There are over 3000 doctors that educate and recommend molecular hydrogen water to their patients as a therapeutic benefit.

Healthy Water

Second to air only, water is most crucial to our exisitence. Sadly, we do not always have the best available water at our fingertips. It needs to be clean, pure and hydrating. Our hydrogen water machines purify and clean your water so that you have clean drinking water with molecular hydrogen for better health.

Patented Technology

We have over 20 different patents on our hydrogen water machines, designed to give you the MOST advanced technology. Our technology is designed to always provide you the highest possible molecular hydrogen. We also pride ouselves in providing you, through your machine, 9 platinum covered electrodes with 5 layers of platinum. This is more than our largest competitor by almost more than half their electrode and layer count.

A Mission That Matters

Synergy Science, Inc. was founded with one simple philosophy...MAKE. PEOPLE. HEALTHY.
We work directly with the world’s leading authorities and researchers to find and discover the latest technologies that can bio-hack your health for the better.

Science Driven

There are over 700+ studies on hydrogen with 150+ of those studies being actual human disease model studies with all of them backing up the science of hydrogen and its therapeutic role in the body. Our mission is to show you that anyone can heal their own body, and we can prove it with hydrogen and better health habits.

Health Perks & Benefits Of Hydrogen

Health Studies And Research

We have found, so far, roughly 700 studies and growing on hydrogen that have inspired us to do what we do. We have not paid for a single one to be made. These are all studies that have been created from thrid party funding. And of 700 studies, we could never put all of them here on this page. Below are some studies and articles that we have thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share with you.

Keep in mind, it is extremely important for you to understand that while we absolutely believe that everyone should be drinking hydrogen enriched water, we in no way make curative claims to any specific disease or pathology.*

The below studies are shared for educational purposes only. They are not shared to indicate any outcome for anyone with a similar or same disease or pathology. The studies shows potential or possible outcomes. There are no protocols, drugs, natural methods, or techniques that are 100% effective. Every individual is different and diseases are complex.*