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The Ultimate Personal EMF Protection!

The Qi Me is designed and engineered with German patented technology to provide you and your family a true sanctuary against EMFs and radiation frequency. Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while on the go! Apart from the benefits of living safe from cell phone radiation, WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies, etc - also receive FREE shipping on this product.

Qi-Me Swiss Pine Benefits:
Each wood type brings with it a frequency (unique to the wood type) that has its own effects for the body. - Promotes a feeling of compromise and understanding
- Calming; encourages reason and sense of order
- Promotes stamina and focus
- Promotes, deep sleep, supports the body's recovery during sleep

The Qi-Me is safe for you, children, and pets!

Qi-Me protects you against all harmful influences of radiation while being on the go.
It can be worn in a pocket, a bag or a purse or be put inside of the car while driving.

Qi-Me products are made with solid wood. Therefore the products may vary in color and vein compared to the pictures in the product catalog or on the website.

Apart from protecting you from harmful EMF/Radiation, The special characteristics and effects of Qi-Me products are:

- Supports the body's natural ability to be balanced
- Furthers the body's ability to focus and stay on point
- Supports natural sleep patterns and regeneration
- Protects you from EMFs in the car and while on the go

Enjoy an area of affect up to 5ft. (1.5m)

Dimensions: 3in x 5in x 1in (10cm x 7cm x 2.5cm)
Color Variations Include: Maple, Swiss Pine, Walnut

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