Welcome To Our Chiropractic Program!

Learn about our system and other common topics to get started.

Chiropractic Training

In these videos, Dr. Pancake will teach and instruct you on how to incorporate our program into your practice with Paul Barattiero.

Introduction Videos

#1 – Introduction

#2 – Dr Scott Pancake with Paul Barattiero Introducing the Chiropractic Program

#3 – My Introduction to the Echo Water System

Introducing Products To Patients

#1 – ECHO Water as Part of the Treatment Process

#2 – The Science of Molecular Hydrogen

#3 – Support from Synergy Science

Walking Patients Through the Process

#1 – Walking Your Patients Through The Purchase with Dr. Pancake

#2 – Recommending ECHO Water to Your Patients

#3 – The Lead Form